The media makers: who.what.why.

DC Media Makers is the preeminent association of journalists, entertainers, advocates, documentarians and tech enthusiasts dedicated to video blogging – and learning media literacy – in Washington, DC. We trade web video production knowledge and teach newcomers how to make and distribute media online. We feature guest presenters, critiques, and collaborative projects. Whether you are an old pro (-we have members from CNN, NBC, and NPR), an established videoblogger, or someone who wants to jump in but doesn’t know where to start, we welcome your involvement.

DC Media Makers believes peer learning is the best kind of learning, so we encourage you to participate, teach, and learn with us.

For more information about upcoming DC Media Makers events, click here. For specific enquiries, click here.


8 responses to “The media makers: who.what.why.

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  2. Hi


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