DC Media Makers at NPR 9/30: 2 Great Presentations, Andy Carvin and Mana Rabiee!

IMPORTANT NOTE: September’s meeting has been moved to September 30, instead of the previously scheduled September 23.

This meeting is going to be fantastic! Look at who we have lined up for September 30th:

Andy Carvin, DC Media Makers co-founder and NPR Senior Social Media Strategist, will be speaking about PublicMediaCamp: Strengthening Public Broadcasting Through Community Collaboration.

Ever since the NPR API came out a year ago, we’ve toyed around with the idea of inviting local coders to NPR headquarters over pizza and beer to see what kinds of apps and mashups we could come up with together. It seemed like a fun idea, but we realized there was an opportunity for something even more powerful. What if we brought together all sorts of people interested in collaborating with public radio and public TV, to see what we could come up with, including digital tools, citizen journalism and other types community-centered initiatives?

As we talked with our colleagues across the public media system and beyond, it became clear we needed to host a really big camp – a national PublicMediaCamp, that is.

Mana Rabiee is an Iranian-American multimedia journalist and documentary filmmaker whose career has taken her to New York, Paris, Tehran and the UK. Before coming to Washington, Mana was a news anchor for PressTV, Iran?s state-run 24-hour English-language news network. She is the recipient of documentary production grants from international film festivals and is currently in post-production on a feature-length doc about Iran?s Basij youth. Her latest video work will commence the Fall schedule of Focal Point, an online-exclusive series of documentary shorts from Wide Angle. Mana currently reports local news for WAMU-FM, the National Public Radio affiliate in the nation?s capitol.

Mana will screen some of her online clips, share production notes as a documentarian, and seek feedback about her online storytelling.

…and cookies.

Also, we’ve started using Meetup instead of Socialzr, because it makes organizing these events and the RSVPs a whole lot easier (and cuts down a lot on the spam RSVPs!).

RSVP (and learn more about this month’s meeting) here: www.meetup.com/dc-media-makers/calendar/11369630/

Want to talk-up speakers on Twitter or chat on our meetups there in general? Our very own Twitter hashtag: #dcmm

Best till then (remember, September 30th),

Jill F.


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