Next Meetup (join us!): Wed, 2/25th at National Public Radio

Join DC Media Makers’ next meetup (at National Public Radio!)
Wed, Feb 25th 6:30PM-8:00PM

Just sign up via this Socializr’s link:

NPR and our February meetup:
Big thanks to guru media maker at National Public Radio – Andy Carvin – for hosting us.

DC Media Makers and you:
When it comes to making media, DC Media Makers’ preferred MO is “have fun, learn, create, share, repeat.”

So are you passionately interested in all things digital education i.e. online video, podcasts, mobile blogging, screencasting, and more?

If so – don’t walk but RUN to join in.

No matter what your level of experience with digital tech or media, there’s a place for you here. Share a favorite online video clip from your personal or professional portfolio or a new editing software or other production tips or a new project idea.

Bottom line:
DC Media Makers is the ‘big tent’ for peer learning and promoting digital literacy in DC.

What’s up for our next meetup:


To present at this meetup – (casual style, we’re not anal) – please comment below or contact Jill Foster directly to share your professional or personal digital tech project (and the tools you’re using too!) with the group.

Contact Jill Foster:

And remember our feedback community:

–Do you want feedback on any particular media project or concept on your mind? We’re glad to listen and offer suggestions in that frank yet friendly way.

Will there be snacks?

Address & conference room:
635 Massachusetts Ave NW
board room east (upstairs from lobby, down hall to right)
(2) blocks north of Chinatown

Gallery Place/Chinatown, red, green, yellow lines

Upon arrival at NPR’s lobby:
Inform security you’re attending the DC Media Makers meeting. They’ll grant access from there (note above directions to the specific conference room).

Just sign up via this Socializr’s link:

Tell me more about DC Media Makers(!)
Dive in:


2 responses to “Next Meetup (join us!): Wed, 2/25th at National Public Radio

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  2. thanks for the information. I really do appreciate it. I hope the event went really well and was a lot of fun. -Mike

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