DC Media Makers 48 Hour Film Festival

Ben Newman contacted me today wondering if I wanted to participate in the 48 Hour Film Festival with fellow media makers. I’m not sure where we’re at with this – but I know we’ve got a lot of talent in the group – and I think it falls in perfectly with our desire to produce a product where everyone can contribute. So I propose we figure out what kind of resources we have and do a minimum amount of prep work for the festival. Keeping this short – I think it will be a lot of fun and a chance for everyone to collaborate and put together something we can all be proud of (if not chuckle at). So – let’s pool our thoughts, our talents, our resources and do something fun!

One response to “DC Media Makers 48 Hour Film Festival

  1. guilty as charged. it’s all i’ve been thinking about recently and i’ve had the good fortune of speaking with a few coworkers who’ve participated in the past. from what i hear, a little planning goes a long way over a hectic, sleep deprived weekend…

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