Washington DC: District of Communications

One thing that I’ve learned about this town since moving down here is that the DC in Washington DC stands for District of  Communications. DC is crawling with people who have the goal to influence policy via communications. Hey, it makes sense, I just didn’t get this reality in all its glory until I actually relocated here. But I get it now. So it makes sense to me that several of our DC Media Makers are people who are trying to effect change through web video. Eric Eckl has a great site called Water Words That Work, which coaches enviro wonks on how to communicate with the general public without drowning them in jargon. Check out one of his vids here. Meanwhile, Ashley Schillingsburg and Chris Parandian, are catalyzing conversation about mobile phone matters on mobilediner.com. They have not yet added video to their site, but it’s coming soon.  DC Media Makers Andy Carvin and myself just promoted the potential of videoblogging for nonproftits at NTC (The Nonprofit Technology Conference) in lovely Woodley Park. So welcome to the District of Communications. Doesn’t anyone actually make anything tangible anymore? Well, you can always get a half smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl. That is still very concrete. Eat one and you’ll know what I mean.

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