DC Media Makers Project Party

Click To Play Length, 3:09

Beautiful DC Media Makers Meeting last Thursday. Jill Foster, Ben Newman, Phil Shapiro, Vincent Njoroge Ndonye, Laura Hepting, Christian Rougeau, Gerry T, Melissa, Emel, and Jonny Goldstein worked on projects and yapped. Special guest Jim Long stopped by to represent old media, but he’s diving deep into the rapidly mutating world of online video too.

3 responses to “DC Media Makers Project Party

  1. Hey Jonny! Blip.tv doesn’t recognize the link when I click-to-play (but it successfully linked from your personal site). Loved it!

  2. Updated the link. Thanks Jill.

  3. I’m glad you made it out Laura – I really think media makers is great for anyone getting into video/blogging…and your top secret project – so cloak and dagger…hot! haha. Can’t wait to make the next meeting!!!!

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