Manifestation of GerryTShow…

gerrytsurprise.jpgGerryT and I have gotten to where we are at now purely by reading and doing some research about blogs, podcasts, and particular programs such as, and of course we can’t neglect to mention Melissa’s on-going trial and error in creating the GerryTShow website out of the free resources available. Our plans are to become much more educated about wordpress so that we may completely immerse ourselves into creating the most interactive, unconventional, relationship focused website ( We would like the website to be a place where we learn to upload Audio Podcasts and our Sony Videocamera shots. DCMM group fits into that equation by positively supporting us mentally and technically in the projects that we embrace on our journey. In our Video/Audio Blog learning process, we need to grow from beginner to novice, to expert level within these next few months. If DCMM could help us with the technical jargon and suggest ways to improve the look of our site, and how to do it, we’d be so grateful. Thank you for welcoming us into the DCMM group, a place where learning about video/audio blogging becomes a lifestyle.

Additional thoughts: I think that all the changes in peoples’ ability to make media is incredible. Some of us are programmed as walking robots with a built in super hard drive that uploads so much data, it’s bound to manifest itself into our life. The changes that are happening today in the media world are firing rapidly, so fast that we are incapable of seeing it all at once. I remember from the time I started e-mailing in my undergrad years to the time when iMACS became cool. Can you remember where you were when the IPOD and the Wii entertainment system and Razor Phones seeped and surged their way out into our universe? Something seems to be taking over our brains in what I see is a fascinating revolution of technological manifestation. How crazy is the fact that we live inside our computers?! We look inside them, we talk to them, we write in them, we save in them, we share life from them. What’s interesting really is that since technology is changing at such a rapid pace, it’s difficult for some of us to even keep up with the latest and greatest machines that keep our world spinning in a frenzy of obsessed media making fans. Technically, I have taught myself everything I know about computers just by reading. I’m not quite up to speed as I’d like to be but all it takes is some time, effort and concentrated focus. I would love to videotape a step by step tutorial session on “Creating the InSides of your site” and have it VideoBlogged for all to use as a reference point on our site.

Perhaps we can incorporate that project and make it happen, shall we?

2 responses to “Manifestation of GerryTShow…

  1. It’s great to have you and Gerry participating in the group! This is an interesting time to be alive with the rapid technological and social change that is sweeping through society. It really pays to connect with communities of other people who are immersed in media making to stay on top of the possibilities, and to collaborate.

    I like your idea of videoblogging a WP tutorial. I wonder if there is already something like this out there?

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