Jan 18 Meeting Recap, Southeast Neighborhood Library

Had another swell meeting at the Southeast Neighborhood Library.

We shared some favorite web videos and broke them down for technique. Andy Carvin showed a cool freeze frame technique, keeping the audio going underneath and materializing text in unexpected parts of the screen.

Several folks showed clips which made use of counterpoint, cutting back and forth between progressing narratives. One of the clips used a soundtrack that pulsed quietly under the highly edited piece, adding to the drama of the piece. It also employed the technique of letting audio from one shot continue even after the visual cut to a different shot, connecting the one visual to the next with sound.

I showed a recent clip of Ryan Hodson‘swhere she confronted some construction workers who had catcalled her. Her clip showed the power of handheld shots for putting the viewer in the shoes of the camera person, as well as providing an example of courage in pursuing a story.

Christian remarked he like the use of handheld cameras in some of my videos too, especially closeups of my always entertaining face. Aw, shucks.

Other stuff: We listened to some of one of Gerry T’s raw, unedited, but extremely interesting audio interviews. Gerry has a knack for eliciting juicy information from his subjects. Someone suggested we do a session on interview technique, and I think that’s a great idea, as we have some excellent interviewers attending the group. Personally, I think that would make for a cool DC Media Makers project; we could do a session on interviewing technique, and then we interview each other and do something with that footage.

That brings me to another item of discussion—what kind of collaborative projects would it be fun and productive to do as a group? Andy suggested that we could shoot footage and upload somewhere, from which we could use one of the several free online editing tools on the web to make works.

Jill Foster suggested we meet an hour early at the Southeast Neighborhood Library for the next social meeting to come to an agreement about what to do as a next project, and everyone agreed that would be a good idea.

Eric mentioned a contest for making a short video about global warming that he suggested we could make something for.

I agreed to check with Beth Kanter to see if she needed more helpers for the Video GeekOut at the upcoming Nonprofit Technology Conference which will occur in DC in April

Several people expressed an interest in becoming authors on the DC Media Makers blog, and I have started doing folks since the meeting.

Those are the salient points I can recall from the meeting. See you next time!

 Jonny Goldstein

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