Cleveland Park Library, 6:30-8:30, Tues, 12/19

We’re having a project-review meeting this Tuesday. If you’d like to
present a project you are working on and get a little feedback please
let me know. If you just want to attend and soak up the sure to be stimulating DC
Media makers vibe, that’s good too.

Where:  Cleveland Park Library, red line, 2nd floor, stacks meeting room
When:  6:30 (eh?) but the reservation is flexible — from 6pm-8:30pm,
under Jill/DC Media Makers
Food:  bring lite fare (…eateries surround the library)

Seeya there!

Big thanks to Jill for booking this for us.

4 responses to “Cleveland Park Library, 6:30-8:30, Tues, 12/19

  1. The new site looks GREAT. I’m glad to present a project on Tuesday. –Looking forward to it! Jill F.

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  3. What are the odds of starting an e-mail list – to send out an update or a notifcation of meetings – I missed this one – and it makes me sad. 😦 Really looking forward to checking out what y’all are doing.


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