DC Media Makers: meet the embryo.

Maybe we’ve got a little chutzpah seeing as how we’ve only been in the DC area for less than a month, but Carl Weaver, Andy Carvin, and I want to start up a DC Media Makers group. The idea is once a month people who are making their own media, or are interested in doing so, will meet up and share what they are doing with other like minded folks. It’s a way to build community, share tips, publicize work, and all that good stuff. All of us participated to one degree or another in the Boston Media Makers group, which inspired us to get the ball rolling here in DC. All area, or visiting, videobloggers, podcasters, photobloggers, and so on are welcome to partipate. Meanwhile, we need a space where we can meet once a month in the DC area. We’d like it to be 1) Metro accessible 2) Be a private room 3) Have wireless internet access. Access to a projector and permission to bring in food or at least coffee would be nice too, but are not totally essential. If you know a place that might fit the bill, email me at videoblogteacher@gmail.com and I’ll follow up on it.

2 responses to “DC Media Makers: meet the embryo.

  1. Okay – so let’s make a deadline to figure this out. I think it would be easy to let it go and not do something active. I will try to spend Thursday morning in DC looking for a place. Actually, first thing I think I will work in the garden a bit before it gets hot, or maybe mow the lawn. So the afternoon. Definitely. Yeah, I am off work tomorrow. Y’all let me know if you want to meet up at all.

    But if you guys have specific ideas for places, let’s keep kicking them around.

    Also, interviewing people on where to meet might make a good video for the DC Metro Stories blog.

    -C Dogg

  2. What’s up with a meeting space? Jonny mentioned Cleveland Park’s library which sounds good – local with easy metro. ConvergeSouth was excellent… Hope to meet-up soon and I’ll be on the look-out for alternate meeting places.

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